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Tina M. Bullock is a trial attorney and former registered nurse whose practice is focused on medical malpractice and product liability litigation. Prior to entering the legal profession, Tina had a successful career in nursing spanning 23 years. Tina sharpened her medical skills by working simultaneously in emergency rooms and intensive care units at Magnet hospitals in Miami, Florida. She routinely worked with TBI, cardiac injuries, strokes, gunshot wounds and MVAs and well-versed with the standard of care and sequalae of these illnesses. A typical day in the hospital included caring for patients who needed intracranial pressure monitoring, seizure precautions, pre and post-op surveillance following craniotomies, endovascular drains, arterial and venous pressure monitoring, cardiac illnesses, subarachnoid hemorrhage, brain tumors and traumatic brain injuries. She helped develop a coma stimulation program and participated in a research of a hypothermia program that spared brain function following a near-death. She transitioned from clinical bedside nursing to management which included managing a 30 bed ICU composed of neuro, cardiac and surgical patients. Tina precepted new nurses and assisted with training internal medicine resident. She led Rapid Response Teams at the hospital which is a concept she had an active role in designing, implementing and evaluating for quality control. Tina also owned and managed an emergency room company that staffed physicians in emergency rooms. Tina Bullock mastered skills in the most advanced and specialized fields of medicine then lead medical teams in those same highly specialized areas. Her skills and background are rare in the legal field, which gives her a competitive edge in medical malpractice and product liability litigation..

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