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For as far back as I can remember I have enjoyed the challenge of competition. My father taught me at a young age there is no substitute for hard work and no shortcuts to winning. As I have grown older, I have realized the truth in what he showed me, not only in the sports I played growing up, but in my approach to the practice of law. I am fortunate to work in a profession that is competitive by nature which helps fuel my competitive drive, and I appreciate the level of competition I have received from some of the most talented defense lawyers in the state. I have spent my entire 20 year career representing people who have been injured in accidents of all types, including, car, motorcycle, bus and truck accidents, falls on private and governmental properties, use of defective consumer and medical products, and increasingly in the last several years by medical malpractice. Over the years, my medical malpractice practice has expanded considerably, and I have resolved claims involving misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose and delayed diagnosis (cancer, fractures and major traumas), birth injury and improper maternity care, prolonged inattention and delayed interventions, surgical error, and errors in anesthesia and other medication administrations. In my very first jury trial as a newbie lawyer I obtained a six figure verdict for a client who was offered nothing prior to trial, After that, I quickly gained an appreciation for how much the jury system can work to even the playing field between big business and everyday people and make the fight fair. Over the course of my career I have resolved difficult and often times undervalued cases for clients including verdicts of $330,000, $250,000, $175,000 and $98,000 where the offer going in to trial was 0, and I have been fortunate to obtain several larger verdicts and settlements including a $4.2 million dollar verdict in a no-pay medical malpractice case that was recognized as one of the Top 100 Med Mal verdicts in the US for 2021, a $2.8 million dollar verdict including punitive damages in a hotly contested motorcycle wrongful death case involving a drunk driver and several other results ranging between $1 and $2 million dollars in medical malpractice and other serious injury cases. Like many lawyers, I am proud of my past accomplishments, but I understand that they are in the past and want to continue to improve my skills to bring about even stronger results for my clients in the future. I am also proud and appreciative of the recognition I have received from my peers in personal injury and medical malpractice law, and am motivated to honor this recognition by continuing to provide my clients with the highest quality representation to help them achieve the strongest results possible.

If you have been injured in Fairfield County, I would like to listen to your story and answer your questions. I am confident in my ability to provide you with high quality representation, and will strive to not only to maximize the value of your case but treat you with dignity and compassion while we work towards a resolution of your case. 

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