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Mr. Power joined the law firm of Power Rogers in November of 2016. Mr. Power primarily focuses his practice in the area of personal injury and wrongful death including medical malpractice, automotive and trucking negligence, products liability, premises liability, breach of contract and other professional malpractice. In addition, Mr. Power assists Mr. Devon Bruce in pursuing environmental claims on behalf of home-rule cities and small towns across the State of Illinois.

Since joining the firm, Mr. Power has successfully secured or assisted in securing over $215 million on behalf of the firm’s clients. These successes include a $95.4 million verdict obtained on behalf of a truck driver who suffered bi-lateral above the knee amputation following a crushing injury in premises/products liability case; a $5 million verdict obtained on behalf of a secretary who was shot in the foot during a work-place violence incident that occurred at a downtown high-rise building in a negligent security case; a $21.6 million verdict obtained on behalf of a truck driver who suffered a severe brain injury after falling from his truck due to a faulty grab handle in a products liability case; a $17.5 million settlement in a case where a bicyclist suffered a below the knee amputation of her right leg after a semi-truck took a right turn in front of her in a general negligence lawsuit; a $5.7 million judgment brought on behalf of a law firm against the firm’s former client who refused to pay fair and reasonable compensation in a breach of contract action; a $6 million (limits of insurance policy) settlement obtained on behalf of an acrobat who was injured on a movie set in a general negligence lawsuit; a $5.3 million settlement obtained on behalf of an individual who obtained an infection at a hospital in a products liability lawsuit; a $10 million settlement obtained on behalf of an individual who was shot by Chicago Police Officers; and a $25 million settlement obtained on behalf of an individual who was rendered a quadriplegic following a fall on a boat while out on Lake Michigan.

Mr. Power has extensive experience in the areas of pre-trial motion practice, pre-trial litigation, including the taking and defending of expert and fact witness depositions, and litigation. At a time when most young lawyers are hard pressed to obtain any real trial experience, Mr. Power has already served as the 1st or 2nd chair on numerous trials over his short career.

Prior to attending the University of Arizona where he studied history and political science, Mr. Power grew up in the City of Chicago, on the City’s Northside. After obtaining his undergraduate degree in 2012, Mr. Power returned to Chicago to attend Loyola University Chicago School of Law. During his time at Loyola, Mr. Power focused his studies in the areas of civil litigation and trial advocacy, while working full time as a law clerk for Power Rogers. In 2016, Mr. Power received his JD from Loyola as well as a certificate of merit from the school’s trial advocacy program.

Mr. Power is admitted to practice law in the State of Illinois, as well as the United States District Court for the State of Illinois.

Mr. Power is an active member of various professional organizations including, the Chicago Bar Association, Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, American Bar Association, Illinois State Bar Association and the American Association for Justice.


R. M. v. Metal-Matic Inc.

(2017) Personal Injury, Trucking, Double leg Amputee:

Power Rogers attorneys Joseph Power, Jr. and James Power recently secured a $95,477,464 million jury verdict for our client who suffered massive leg injuries that required a double above-the-knee amputation in 2014. Our client, a truck driver, was transporting carbon steel tubing. The crane operator at the delivery location attempted to unload the cargo, but because the tubing was improperly stacked and configured for unloading, one bundle of the tubing rolled out and crushed his legs, lacerating his right popliteal artery and fracturing his fibula and tibia. His right knee was amputated above the knee, and after his left leg developed a fungal infection, the doctors had to amputate that one above the knee as well.

JURY VERDICT: $95,477,464.00

R.L. v. Allied Barton

(2017) Wrongful Death, Negligent Security:

The Plaintiffs worked for a law firm in the large office building located at 500 West Madison Street. Allied Barton provided Security Services to the building. On December 8, 2006, a former client of the firm’s entered the 500 West Madison office building armed with a revolver, chain, padlock, hunting knife, and hammer in order to seek out and kill one of the attorneys who he mistakenly believed had wronged him. After loitering in the building’s lobby and being turned away by the security desk, the former client was permitted access to the law firm, located on an upper-level floor, by Allied Barton security. Once he had gained access to the law firm, he shot and killed three individuals and injured the fourth. Joseph A. Power, Jr. represented the Estate of M.M. and recovered $14.6 million for his client. Larry R. Rogers, Jr. represented the Estate of A.H. and secured an $11 million verdict for his client. James Power represented R.L. and secured a $5 million verdict.

JURY VERDICT: $33,400,000.00

Bennie Wood, et al., v. Navistar Inc., formerly known as International Truck and Engine Corp., et al., 14 L 10457

Power Rogers attorneys Joseph A. Power Jr., as lead counsel, and Sean M. Houlihan and James Power recently obtained a $21.6 million dollar verdict on behalf of a truck driver and his wife. Our client suffered a traumatic brain injury after a defectively designed grab handle on his truck broke and caused him to fall. The case involved many disputes about jurisdiction and where the case was to be heard, and was recently featured in an article published by the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.

JURY VERDICT: $21,600,000.00

D.P. v. Sucha Singh, et al. - 17 L 469

James Power and Joseph Power, along with Kurt Ensign, recovered the largest recorded bicycle accident verdict in Illinois history, coming in at $17.5 million. The tragic accident, which resulted in below-the-knee leg amputation, an arm fracture, a pelvic fracture, and severe road rash, was caused by a negligent truck driver. As James and Joseph proved through video evidence, the trucker accelerated during his right turn and failed to notice the cyclist while doing so. Damages will be used to help the victim pay her medical expenses and long-term care costs.

RECOVERY: $17,500,000.00

U.H. v. Gidwitz

Breach of contract: After a complex trial, a Cook County Judge ordered Ron Gidwitz, Donald Trump’s Illinois finance committee Chairman, to pay his former attorneys $5.7 million in unpaid legal fees. Judge Patrick Foran Lustig ruled that Gidwitz breached his contract with Ungaretti & Harris by refusing to pay fair and reasonable legal fees incurred on his behalf. Co-counsel Joseph A. Power, Jr.

VERDICT: $5,700,000.00


Since 1993 when we first opened the doors of our law practice, Power Rogers has handled some of the largest personal injury cases for plaintiffs in the state of Illinois – and won. With our experience, we aren’t afraid to stand up to large corporations and insurance companies in court.


Power Rogers has won more than $4 billion in verdicts and settlements for its clients – that’s $900 million more than our closest competitor since 2000. These results include many record-setting and regulation-changing outcomes as well, including a $100 million settlement for victims of a trucking accident – Illinois’ largest injury award to a single family.

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